• Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I have recently started doing top to bottom needs assessments in clients’ homes and offices. We go through the entire space, the client has time to explain what the issues are in each area and I will ask questions about each area. Then, we sit down and I fill out the need assessment forms for each area and project task sheets. The project task sheet can help pin point what will be most impactful as a starting point. All the forms will be left with the client.

The assessment normally takes 2.5-3 hours. Some clients ask more questions and don’t mind it going longer. They may plan on doing it themselves and will pay the extra to get that knowledge. I guarantee that you will have more knowledge and drive once I leave.

The clients I’ve done these needs assessments with have been so appreciative to have so much of my expertise in writing. They know they can get started on their own, or we can schedule time to work together. Here’s what one client said about our time together recently:

“Jennifer’s visit to my home turned wishful thinking into reality. I had run out of energy and desire to conquer the ever growing pile of business papers collecting next to our family computer, and the boxes of photos, books, and unused teaching materials in the basement. I was also frustrated at the ongoing miscellaneous items that kept piling up on the counters and tables with nowhere to go with them.

Jennifer systematically went through each room, hallway and storage area, and came up with wonderfully creative ideas for downsizing, de-cluttering, organizing, and rearranging my home to make it more serene and user friendly. As we (Jennifer and I) sat at the kitchen table discussing goals, projects, and tasks, my daughter and I began to transform the counter top into a more functional and eye-pleasing workspace just by removing unneeded pieces and appliances. Cooking dinner that evening was so much more efficient and relaxing. I became re inspired to tackle the piles, and visualized how all of the suggestions could give me the home environment I desired. Thank you Jennifer for your keen eye and no nonsense approach to clutter. I look forward to an ongoing working relationship with you until my goals for home organization are reached. ”

Mary C – Neenah

What are you waiting for? Schedule your needs assessment today! 920-725-2502.

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