This cabinet in a guidance counselor’s office stores items that students might need who may not be able to afford them. But, how to find everything?


This desk is overloaded with too many knick-knacks. There wasn’t much space for the laptop or to spread out paperwork. The really cool phone is just another thing taking up space. When clearing most of the accessories from the desk, much needed task lighting was added. The phone really stands out and is a conversation piece for when customers come in.


By the time an organizer is called, the person has usually tried different ways to get organized. Here, wicker baskets were purchased to hold paperwork but ended up being dumping sites. After sorting & purging, the papers were filed instead of piled.


Life comes at you fast. Before you know it, clutter has accumulated and you don’t know where to start. Hiring an organizer can help you get the job done faster. All in a day’s work. The key is not to just stash somewhere else–find homes for everything. In the long run, you will save more time and life will be easier to manage.


This multi-tasking pantry wasn’t working. The outdoor gear prevented the client from getting kitchen items in the back. Outerwear was relocated and shelves organized. Now, the homeowner can easily get to what is needed without tripping over items.


The purpose of this job was to sort things out, get rid of some junk items, and have them labeled and grouped for different family members to sort through. That’s why there’s still a lot of stuff. It was a 3 hour job–which shows what can be done in a short amount of time.