Jenny helped me think about how I wanted to use my office space to create a better work environment. Her ideas are practical, immediately useful, and inexpensive. She is able to spot small changes that will make a big difference in how effeciently and effectively you work. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to organize their lives, save time and money, and really enjoy their home or office.

–Anne Barker, Reverend
Programming Director
St. Bridget Spirituality Center


I truly am enjoying the look of my classroom as well as the improved organization and how functional it has become for myself and the children. Thank you so much for your ideas as well as all the time you spent checking prices… your footwork really saved me so much time.

–Kathy N., 2nd grade teacher


We had our Chapter Disaster Readiness Exercise and Evaluation last weekend. This is a “big deal” for chapters to go through. The national organization sends facilitators to the chapter to test our disaster response… the facilitators had to look at our disaster supplies in our storage room and they just about fell to the ground! They were amazed at how organized it is? Thanks again for all of your help with that!

–Rebecca Bergin
Executive Director American Red Cross
Neenah-Menasha Chapter


My kitchen is now much more efficient than I imagined it could be. I have a new sense of space that gives me a great feeling. I appreciated your work methods as we progressed through my cabinets. You are very good at asking questions that allowed me to come up with some of my own solutions. It was truly a collaborative effort!

–Jenny S., Menasha


I LOVE working at my desk now and very rarely have to use my husband’s! I’m able to locate product much easier now. Thank you so much for all of your help and innovative ideas! I’m gradually using them throughout the house and you can bet that when I go to put something away my first thought is, “Is this the best place for this/these?” If not, I find a better place. It’s a day and night difference!



It was a pleasure having Jenny help us strategize how we would use the space in our new home even before we moved in! Her ideas for creatively using space saved us time and energy. Hanging racks on the pantry door would never have occurred to us.