• Thursday, March 15th, 2012

In my line of work, I come across medication (prescription and over the counter) that my clients no longer use or it’s expired. Flushing certain medications down the drain has found to be harmful to our water source. Fortunately, many communities offer drop boxes for these medications.

I checked the three counties in my area and ALL of them have multiple drop boxes. You will find the drop boxes in police or sheriff departments. You can find out where to go by searching “medication drop” and the county you are looking for.

Here is what you need to do before dropping off the medications:

  • Keep the label on.
  • The name of drug needs to be visible.
  • Black out any personal information. This includes your name, prescription number, doctor’s name and the scan bar.

When I drop off medication at Neenah’s police station, I get to see a piece twisted metal from one of the twin towers in the front entry. Maybe you will find something significant as you help keep our environment cleaner and safer!

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